Sheeple in Wolves’ Clothing

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Sheeple in Wolves’ Clothing
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April 27, 2012
Sedona, Arizona

I used to be part of the great population of “sheeple” that roams the earth.

In high school, I got straight A’s. That’s not just because I was smart. The more important quality for such a high level of “achievement” is obedience, not intelligence.

In fact, some of the most intelligent folks I knew in high school were, for lack of a better word, called “duds” by the folks in charge.

Looking back, I respect those “duds” highly. They had the guts to be themselves in the midst of all of the people who were brainwashed by the system into trying to be like someone else.

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When a member of the sheeple population sticks its head above the crowd, there’s usually someone there to whack it back down.

When another member decides to take a step to the “left” instead of to the “right,” there’s usually someone to comment on how those “left steppers” shouldn’t be trusted.

And when one member decides to take control of her life, pursue a path of success and wealth, she is told that money doesn’t buy happiness.

In those cases, you’ve got a bunch of sheeple in wolves’ clothing.

Under the thin veneer of fake confidence, they’re all scared to death. And it really freaks them out when “one of their own kind” starts to lift off into the stratosphere.

So how do you rise above the sheeple and walk the road you are meant to walk?

You ignore them.

When you follow your gut and someone disagrees with you or makes a comment about how stupid you are…

You ignore them.

When your ability to step outside your comfort zone causes discomfort in someone who doesn’t want to see you change…

You ignore them.

Pretty soon, they will fall away. When they do not get the emotional validation that commenting on your actions gives them… they will move on to someone else.

A good number of your clients are probably used to working with sheeple. So when you show up, that’s their default way to treat people.

If you’re not aware of this, it’s easy to slip back into “sheeple” ways and just take it.

In the end, that’s just not good for anyone.

First, you shortchange you and end up feeling worthless.

Second, your client doesn’t get the benefit of the results created by your BIG SELF. The one that “ignores” sheeple.

The best way to make sure you never go back to the “sheeple” is to stop hanging around them. And make sure you get steady doses of people who live their lives outside the sheeple pens.

Having regular sources of inspiration, encouragement and savvy advice doesn’t mean you’re weak… it means you’re smart.

See you next time,

Jason Leister
Editor, The Client Letter
Creating Success for Independent Professionals

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