The Race Car Without Fuel

The Desert of Arizona
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During a recent phone conference for an Incomparable Expert Transformation, I was doing my normal gentle, but direct, style of “interrogation” to get the information I need to create a unique package for my client’s business.

As I was asking a bunch of questions, I sat there thinking that parts of what he was saying sounded very unique and valuable.

And then I said, “What you’re saying right there… do you communicate that to your prospects and clients?”

The answer was no.

The Incomparable Expert recipe has two parts; each one is equally valuable.

First is the clarity about what makes you a different and more appealing choice for your prospects. Second is the communication of that information in a systematic way so that it happens without you having to remember to do it.

This is the reason I put that “Laws of the Land” email sequence into the Platform Spiral. This delivers the story of you to EVERYONE so it gets communicated without you having to remember to do it.

Clarity without amplification is of value to no one but you.

Amplification without clarity is just noise.

So neither one of those parts alone does much. It’s kind of like having a race car but no fuel.

You can walk around as clear as a bell in your mind about why YOU offer unique value to the marketplace…but if you still show-up like everyone else, all that clarity is going to be lost.

You get the clarity, then you build the system that communicates and demonstrates that.