The Field Report Hotsheet 7.25.2016

July 25, 2016 – Issue #214
Lead Pages Buys Drip

In case you missed it, the folks at LeadPages just acquired Drip, a provider of low cost, simple, marketing automation software. (Think Infusionsoft without the $$ and without the “car dealership” way they sell their service.) Now there’s a $1/month plan for up to 100 contacts. It’s $49/month for up to 2,500 contacts. They even offer a 21 day free trial.

Take a look at what they’re doing and ask yourself, “Who is making it easier for you to buy?”

A Unique Software Pricing Model From a Basecamp Baby

Know Your Company was spun-off from Basecamp a few years ago as a separate business. Here’s an interesting post about their business model and why they decided to buck the “software as a subscription service” model.

Mix Panel

Here’s an interesting tool that allows you to track a lot of behavior data across a mobile app and your website. Here’s a quick overview video of some of what Mix Panel can do.

I consult off/on with a software app company so this caught my eye.


My wife is starting the project of working on an online “school” of sorts and we’re going to be using LearnDash to do it. We already use IMember360 in conjunction with Infusionsoft. LearnDash has a ton of features, a stupid low price and looks pretty easy to setup.

Amazon Kindle for Lead Generation

Here’s an interesting podcast about using Amazon Kindle books specifically for lead generation. Simple strategy.