The Quick and Dirty (But Effective) Substitute For a U.S.P.

The Client Letter
May 31, 2013
The Northland
Cloudy 45 Degrees

Standing out is KEY when you’re a service provider trying to attract clients.

But let’s fact it…

A lot of people struggle with trying to figure out exactly what makes them unique. (For lack of a better word, we’ll call this your U.S.P. — unique selling proposition.)

Answering that question might take a few weeks, or maybe even a few years.

I imagine some service providers never figure it out. Not because the answer isn’t there, but because “figuring it out” just gets lost in the shuffle and forgotten in the midst of constant client work.

But there’s a “quick fix” for this that doesn’t involve you, me or anyone else having to answer the “what makes you unique” question.

So if you’re one of the people who struggles with this, then rest easy, there’s a simple substitute that can buy you some time.

First, stop trying so hard to figure out how to communicate what makes you different and simply commit to showing it.

How can you show it if you have no idea what “IT” is?

You simply have to add a very straightforward skill to your process when you are talking with a prospect.

It’s a very powerful skill that can completely transform your business. And it’s something that can make you stick out as a better choice among your competition.

The funny part is, you don’t even have to KNOW what makes you different to benefit! Your prospects will figure it out even though YOU have no idea! (What a crazy business we’re in.)

But there’s more…

I’m so confident that this skill can transform your work with clients that I’m willing to shoulder 90% of the risk to let you try it out for an entire month.

Some people might call this nuts, but here are the details.