The Magic Moment

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 63 Degrees 5:12 a.m.

I got a very nice testimonial from a Platform Lab client recently and I’ve printed it here for you today. I’ll tell you the specific reason in a moment. (The highlights are mine, as I’ll explain.)

I had a BIG problem… Only after spending thousands of dollars- building my marketing funnel. Months of course creation. Tons of video editing. Website. Squeeze pages. Video upsells. Follow-up email series. Facebook ads. Test pricing.

All that, and more. But something always just “felt wrong.” Sadly I finally realized my mistake. I HAD NO CLARITY.

No clarity in what my niche wanted. What they needed. Heck, who they even really were! I had it ALL WRONG.

Then my solution came to me- in the Daily email I’ve been reading for years.. My Solution was a course being offered by Jason Leister. A person with a platform that I enjoyed everyday.

But for some reason, that day it just clicked. THIS WAS THE ANSWER.

So I signed up for the Incomparable Expert Platform Lab course.

You see, Jason is a deep thinker. And I knew this would be 4 weeks of challenge. But if anyone could help me “see the light” it would be him.

Sure enough right away we went deep. He makes you think. Somehow you become the niche, the target market you’re serving. You understand the way they feel.

He simplifies everything for you. And his talent truly is amazing. Simply put he makes sure YOU FIND CLARITY. Then he teaches you how to display your CLARITY in a Platform.

Your simple Platform will perform TWO vital steps. The first-it serves your niche in a valuable yet scalable way. The second, it provides YOU: Clarity and Purpose which leads to a feeling of fulfillment.

Jason truly has found his Life Skill and luckily for us he serves it up Daily.

Without hesitation I can say- I was once was LOST…but now Jason helped me to SEE.

Many thanks,


First of all, thanks to Shawn for sending this in. It’s a pleasure working with you. Second, I highlighted those portions because they illustrate how a media platform works.

I highlighted the part you might call the “magic moment,” because that’s how it seems. That’s the moment where things “click” in the mind of your prospect and they step forward. It’s not magic. It’s just consistent accountability, responsibility, focused problem solving and relationship building stuff that almost anyone can do. Few WILL do it, however, so it’s quite an opportunity.

But it’s the DRIP effect, not the firehose effect. Firehoses knock people over. Dripping water makes people start wondering where the dripping is coming from. It pulls them in. 🙂

When you are struggling to get money, as I certainly have over the years while I was figuring out this game of business, you think that all you need is money.

But it’s hilarious that that MOMENT you get “enough,” or even get on the path to thinking there will be enough coming, something changes.

All of a sudden, your focus shifts from just getting the money to HOW you are getting the money. That matters far earlier than you might think.

There is a similar effect with client attraction. Almost anyone can “get” clients. But the minute you have some, you realize it’s not about just getting them, it’s about HOW you get them. Pretty soon, HOW you get them makes all the difference.

And that’s certainly been my experience. HOW you get them makes a huge difference. Because HOW they come in affects everything that happens. It affects their perception of you, the fees, and more.

To be frank, I haven’t found a better, more elegant or effective way to attract great clients and customers than with the media platform.

The client basically materializes before your eyes.

Yes, you’ve “earned” it, but still… it’s amazing to see. And it happens without chasing. I’ve got plenty of kids to chase around here at home, so chasing clients too isn’t something I’m interested in.