The Field Report Hotsheet 7.4.2016

July 4, 2016 – Issue #211
Indie Birth Conference 2017

We learned a lot last year presenting my wife’s first Midwifery Conference here in Sedona. We’ve recently opened up registration for next year. We’re expecting double the size, so probably 100+ people. Here’s the site promoting the event. I built the site on the NRGEvent wordpress theme. The theme can do a lot, but it would probably drive the average non-tech person off a cliff.

Making the Trailer

For the conference, I usually make a promo video to spread around the web. Here you can see the one we just released this morning. For the part where we feature the speakers, I used the Movie Credits plugin from FxFactory for Final Cut Pro. The audio we got at


I put together my first Lead Quiz for a lead generation campaign I’m building. (You might have to click that link twice, there is something wrong with their SSL Cert.) It’s a pretty intuitive service to use. Each quiz has specific “outcomes” that can lead to different list segments and follow-up campaigns. Their pricing is a little bizarre for anyone who really wants to generate a lot of leads, but whatever. Check it out. You can see an example quiz here from one of their case studies. It’s a gluten intolerance quiz.

Speaking of Quizzes

Speaking of using quizzes/assessments as lead generation tools, here’s an interesting tool that could very easily be turned into a lead generation tool. I’m guessing it’s using simple numerology, but it spits out customized results for people who want to know about themselves. There’s little more attractive than to give someone the opportunity to hear something unique and special about THEM.

57 Best WordPress Plugins

I saw this in Justin Brooke’s newsletter and wanted to pass it on. It’s a list of the 57 Best WordPress Plugins for 2016 according to the folks at