The Journey That Matters

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 61 Degrees
2:59 p.m.

The business world seems to be obsessed with growing things.

More leads, more sales, more clients, more renewals, more events, more dollars, more of everything.

If you accept that brainwashing as truth, then you get stuck on that track and end up thinking that “more” is the order of the day.

That means you have to work harder tomorrow no matter how successful you are today. Because only tomorrow holds the potential for more than you have right now.

With the “more” habit, you NEED more to show up. Otherwise, you just don’t get that endorphin rush that makes you feel alive.

Sounds like hell to me.

Looking back over my many years attending the University of the Streets, I realize that getting “better” or “more” in regards to all those things I was chasing (success, money, etc.) wasn’t really what created the transformation for me.

What created the transformation was my discovery of the path connecting who I was being out in the world to who I was put in this world to BE.

That’s the journey that matters. That’s the one that, once I started walking, truly made a difference.

Are you saying “Yes” when you feel “No?” Are you surrounding yourself with people you KNOW aren’t good for you? Are you doing work you don’t want to do? Are you crafting convenient excuses (e.g. money, kids, husband, wife!) that keep you from being who you are in all things?

There’s no business book that addresses all of this because there are few people willing to tread into these waters for all to see.

But that’s where the success is. It’s found by thinking, feeling, living and being from that center that is truly you.

When you’re connected to THAT, you stop asking about the “right” way to do things.

You stop caring what others think you should or should not do.

You simply follow the signal, the one that’s been there all along. And you begin to realize this journey that we all thought was such a struggle to get through was difficult only because we weren’t actually walking on the path made for us.