The End of Objections

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 60 Degrees
3:31 p.m.

A weird thing happens when you stop trying to sell yourself to people.

What most salespeople would call “objections” don’t really exist anymore.

If I want YOU to do something specific, you are free to object.

But if I have no desire to see you do ANYTHING specific…it’s kind of hard to object to something like that.

Now just because you choose to stop selling yourself to people doesn’t mean selling isn’t happening.

But attracting is a far better word for what you might be doing instead.

Attracting is a transpersonal process. It’s not made to influence any one human being into doing anything in particular.

The process just works and brings people to you. Exactly which people show up doesn’t really matter so much.

To develop attraction, you need to demonstrate you provide a result people want.

From there, you need to make it clear what PATH leads to that desired result.

Next, you have to show that YOU are an ideal vehicle to move someone along that path from point A to point B.

Finally, you have to do the work required (in advance) to build trust and credibility with the folks who will choose to make the journey towards what you have.

The goal is to generate within your prospective clients, customers or patients their own internal forward motion towards what you have.

There’s no reason to object when THEY ask you for what you’ve got.