The Complicated Path to Simplicity

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 41 Degrees – 7:38 a.m.

Yesterday, during a phone call with a coaching client, we worked to further simplify his client attraction system.

He is selling a high ticket offering that is capable of complete life transformation for his clients.

We didn’t add things to his system, we took things away.

We made it simpler, with fewer moving parts, with a more obvious, logical and attractive progression for his prospects.

We have so few moving parts now that he can pay attention to ONE (or maybe two) numbers in his business and know what his future will look like pretty easily.

So why are some of the most effective things so simple?

Because ultimately, we are in the business of communicating with other humans.

And when a message is received clearly, it is far easier for action to take place in response.

On a more esoteric level, a simpler system creates a better and more focused conduit of energy. A complicated system often leaks or disperses that energy.

Ultimately, when clarity is present, everyone wins.

When a message has to be considered, or decoded, or “thought about,” you run into problems. Usually that problem comes in the form of silence and a lack of response.

Some of the hardest work in the world seems to be making the complex simple. It can be pretty darn complicated to see the simple solution. Some people have a knack for it, most don’t. But that’s a goal, because once you get there, it’s so much more effective.

It’s a bit like the approach a master sculptor takes when he looks at a block of stone.

What must you take away to create an absolutely beautiful work of art?