Shining One

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 74 Degrees
4:40 p.m.

Just a few hours from now, my daughter, Deva, will turn 1.

Deva is derived from Sanskrit for “Shining One.”

Over the past year, hundreds of thousands of people across the world have watched the video of her birth bringing her onto this plane (again).

Women have written to my wife telling her of the impact of seeing an event like that play out before their eyes.

Like each of my children, this special one has taught me a lot.

Most importantly, she has demonstrated for me the true embodiment of being.

This is not a passive state. It is the essence of life. But it is a magic most of us were told to forget long ago.

Our fear of being accepted was developed because we were trained to be able to adjust how much of our TRUE selves we show to the world at any one time.

If we feel rejection, we can turn down the dial on our truth and try to blend in.

If we feel confident, we might turn it up a little and let the world see more of us for a little while.

Turning the dial up and down is not the problem.

The fact that we believe in the dial is the problem.

Babies are not born with this program.

And to see a living being without it is a reminder to remember.

To remember that we too once lived this way and that we have the power to choose to do it again.