When It Feels Like They Own You

Mountains of Arizona
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12:08 p.m.

I went through this period in my development where I kept (intentionally) blowing up relationships with clients.

I’d start working with the client.

I’d keep working with the client.

Eventually I’d start to feel like they were trying to control me–like they thought they owned me.

I’d start resenting that.

I’d start showing signs of that resentment.

Kaboom! That would be the end.

I just didn’t like clients acting like they “owned” me. As the dollars involved kept growing, that’s usually how it felt.

Silly little boy. What a little land of make believe I was living in.

Clients can’t own you.

But I didn’t know it. It felt that way to me!

Really, your clients have nothing to do with this dynamic at all.

That’s the good news.

And it’s also the bad news.

Because that means you’re your own worst enemy.

So if you feel like clients think they “own” you, guess who made you feel that way?

You did.

As best I can tell, if you feel this way, it’s because you have not yet resolved some serious issues with money and how it relates and does not relate to your and your “value.”

This is by design, of course, that you feel this way. But still, you can work through this mess if you really want to.

How did we somehow get all caught up in the story that the party NOT providing the money is supposed to offer himself up as a slave for some reason?

Whose aims would a story like that serve?