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RE: Service provider liberation

You would think that getting a lot of clients would lead to success as a service provider.

But if you’ve ever had a lot of clients at once, you know: it is not a long term recipe for success.

Every day, you wake up and there’s more work. Yes, the money is coming in, but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.

I humbly submit that the reason it feels that way is because you’re NOT getting anywhere. You’re just turning your skills into money. Tomorrow, you wake up and do the same thing. Basically, most service providers have a better than average paying risky job.

That’s fine, and it certainly beats working 9-5 in a cubicle somewhere. At least you’re working for yourself and have control.

Today, I challenge you to think bigger. Generating revenue from working with clients isn’t the goal, it’s just step 1.

That money buys you time. It buys you time to do the real work. Which is to build new, more leveraged ways to generate income. I’m talking about products and other services that package up what you know and can do in ways that generate revenue without you having to show up and do all that work over and over.

Do you know how exciting that is? I do. That’s the path I’ve been on for the past 7 years or so.

And it’s a path that allows you to see a light at the end of the tunnel that ISN’T an oncoming train.

I woke up this morning and realized this is what I’m about. This is what I do. Yes, I can help you attract clients. But really, it doesn’t take long to realize that’s not the LONG TERM answer.

There’s a better way. And it’s a way that makes me excited to get out of bed every morning. And over the coming weeks, I’m going to be steering this “boat” in that direction.

Working with clients is great, but that’s not the whole story for the service provider who wants a better life, it’s just the first chapter.

In the next issue of the Rainmaker Letter, I’m going to feature someone who’s doing this in a big way. She has the skills to be a very well paid service provider.

But instead of chaining herself to that star, she chose a different route. She chose the route to freedom. And boy is she walking that path.

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