Practicing Alchemy

Mountains of Arizona
Cloudy 40 Degrees
2:05 p.m.

Today I had a coaching call with a client. I tend to do these calls while walking out around town because my mind seems to enjoy the changing scenery as it thinks. So apologies in advance if you’re ever on the line and wonder why you hear so much traffic!

The topic was building context around everything he does in an effort to elevate the value of his products and services to a completely new level.

If you’re a “doer” of things or someone who provide a service to clients where you think the value is actually in you doing the thing, then perhaps today is the day to rethink that.

CONTEXT can multiply the value of everything you do without you working harder.

Here are some questions to get started:

Towards what greater goal of your clients’ are you focusing your gifts? On what journey being taken by your client do all of your offerings help to create forward progress?

Have you created the context (the package), within which are placed all of your skills… a package that is offered in service of a goal far greater and more valuable than the “price” of those skills on the open market?

I do copywriting. I do web design. I do strategy. I do a lot of things I would never think of offering to the world outright.

They simply are not as valuable alone as they BECOME when placed into the context of the world of the Incomparable Expert.

If you want a copywriter, go find the cheapest, competent solution.

If you want to go on the journey to becoming an Incomparable Expert in your area of expertise, then that’s what we do here.

The journey involves strategy and copywriting and often web design and more. And by structuring what you do in a way like that, the value of what you do grows by leaps and bounds.

This, to me, is true alchemy. You are creating REAL value from nothing and also transforming “base metals” (e.g. the thing you actually DO) into something far more precious.