Telling Your Story

Mountains of Arizona
Cloudy 39 Degrees
3:01 p.m.

What you do is not your story. Who you are is your story.

WHO YOU ARE flavors what you do in a way that makes that action completely unique.

The niches based on “what you do” come with a flowing hour glass as they count down the days until that service is transformed into a cheap commodity or becomes unnecessary altogether.

But there is no commodification of WHO YOU ARE because that is only ever available from one source on the planet.

If you’re telling the world about what you do, you’re leaving 90% of your value unmentioned.

You don’t explain who you are, however, you simply demonstrate it…over and over again.

Fortunately for everyone, showing the world who you are is a double-edged sword. Because once you set the standard, it’s up to you to walk the talk.

It’s an approach to marketing where everyone wins. You force yourself to become the best version of you, which only makes your story more powerful to those you are meant to serve.