Not Worth Your Time

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 37 Degrees
6:44 a.m.

So we’ve got a house full of sick kids and one under the weather Queen of the Manor as well. It happens every year around Christmas time.

Lots of coughing, a fair amount of moaning and groaning, and some nice hot temperatures to make everyone walk around in a semi-delirious state.

Today and tomorrow, that’s what I’ll be dealing with. It’s the highest and best use of my time.

And that leads us to the topic for today: things that aren’t worth your time.

Why do we make commitments to things and people that aren’t worth our time – to those things and people who have no connection to us achieving what we want to achieve?

My “sheep brain in recovery” had an issue with a question like this for a long time. I didn’t want to be “rude,” after all. I didn’t want to turn people off. I didn’t want to make them feel like I was “better” than they were.

These are all excuses our brainwashing supplies when you get too close to FULLY taking control of your life.

Saying “No” is a habit, just like NOT saying “No” is a habit.

For someone with “nice guy syndrome,” though, considering the idea of drastically increasing my “No” frequency made me feel like a Scrooge at first. But once I developed a healthier view of myself, it made a lot more sense!

Eventually, you have to make a choice:

Do you have the guts to say no or will you be a poor steward of your time on this planet?