How to Buy a New Car When You Can’t Afford an Old One

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My path would have been quite different if, at the age of 5, someone had sat me down and said, “Jason, the secret to success is to never, at any time, for any reason, be anyone but yourself or do anything contrary to your internal voice.”

So idealistic you are, Jason! Why don’t you get with reality!!

Do you know who made reality? The choices of the seven billion people who inhabit this planet made reality.

  • Rules did not make reality.
  • Laws did not make reality.
  • Social norms did not make reality.

All of those things applied pressure to the choices and actions of the human beings who have the power to create.

And when humans collectively choose to conform to who and what the system wants them to be, then we get a reality that matches billions of people living contrary to their internal truth.

The pressure is great to do this, by the way.

  • School rewards those whose thinking falls in alignment with the system.
  • The financial world rewards those who behave in ways that are acceptable by the system to perpetuate itself. (This is why, for example, someone who doesn’t have the cash to buy an old car is forced to lease or buy a brand new one! It’s the only thing they can afford. The system rewards those people for creating the debt the system needs to survive.)
  • Religious institutions reward those who fall in line with their doctrine.

The list of pressures is long. But that doesn’t change who holds the power.

And that would be you.

In fact, I’m not sure there’s anything on this physical plane that’s more powerful than a human truly aligned with their internal truth.

The business world has its own pressures it places on your choices and actions as well.

You can’t do that. No one’s ever been successful with that. That’s not scalable. That won’t ROI. No one will ever pay for that.

The list is long…

But everything comes back to your power of choice.

What’s my recipe for success in business?

  • Discover what makes your heart sing.
  • Figure out how to package that as a solution to someone’s problem.
  • Over time, figure out how to serve more people or fewer people more deeply.

The end.