Message Received

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One of the greatest things you can offer to your marketplace is to make it EASY for them to “put you in a box.”

That way, they GET what you’re about. They GET whether they should take a step closer to you or just go on their way.

Seth Godin has his, “do important work, do things that might not work” box.

Rush Limbaugh has his, “I’m perfect, liberals are stupid” box.

Dave Ramsey has his “debt snowball, baby steps to financial freedom” box.

How do you figure out what your “box” is?

You start with the message you are here to deliver.

Let’s take Seth Godin, for example. His message, which I summarized quickly just a moment ago, is something that exists in just about EVERYTHING he does. Whether it’s a book, a podcast, a live event, this is always the flavor he delivers. Because that’s what he stands for in the marketplace.

Now let’s say you’re a web designer. You might not think you have a “message” to deliver, but I’d challenge you to think otherwise. It’s more likely that you haven’t done the work to figure out what that message IS. You’re looking for the intersection between something that’s important to you and something that’s important to your prospective clients.

Once you figure that out, you can begin to build the box around you that delivers that message (or a part of it) at every level of interaction with you.

This is one of the most important ingredients in the platform model of client attraction. Having a message means you have something worth saying.

Otherwise, you’re stuck just producing “content.” And that’s not what we do here.