How to Steal the Show

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A powerful way to create value in just about any market is to combine two things that haven’t been combined before.

In today’s episode of The Incomparable Expert Podcast, I talk with someone who’s done just that. My guest is the New York Times Bestselling author, Michael Port.

Before becoming a speaker, author and entrepreneur, Michael had a lifetime as a professional actor. In his new book, Steal the Show, he combines the two worlds to create a manual to help anyone become a master at “stealing the show.” This is especially for you if you hate the spotlight!

This book is excellent for anyone who is in the business of persuading or influencing. And that’s pretty much everyone, including you.

The fact is (whether or not we like it,) we’re all performing, pretty much all the time. You can either choose to do it well or you can choose to watch someone else do it well.

Just a word of caution before you listen:

If you think that “stealing the show” is about getting something, you’ve got it backwards.

Enjoy the podcast…

Then get the book.