How to Be a Somebody

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Wet 49 Degrees

If you want to be a “somebody,” you have to do things that earn you that status. In a world where talk is cheap, attention is scarce and trust is in short supply, being a “somebody” is quickly becoming the price of admission to the client game.

Think about most of the service providers in your space who kind of do the same type of thing you do.

I bet you not 1 in 100 is doing a whole lot to be a “somebody.” And they don’t do it nearly long enough to make an impact. Never forget, your prospective clients are enamored with themselves. We all are. That’s why it takes forever to get noticed. You have to beat your drum for what feels like forever before someone sits up and says, “Do you hear that? What is that?”

When your mind is tuned to the “get clients” strategy, you do things that broadcast that intention to the world. But in the science of attraction, broadcasting what you want actually repels people. They simply aren’t interested in what you want.

When you retune your mind to the “attract clients” strategy, then things change.

Attraction requires a completely different energy. How do you attract? You do it by somehow being worthy of that attraction. Instead of getting what you want, you have to earn what you want.

You figure out a way to become more valuable for people to have you IN their lives than to not have you in their lives. And that’s well before anyone ever hires you!

This is the type of behavior “somebodies” engage in. They show-up. They do their thing. They stand for something. It’s obvious to everyone they don’t need much of anything from anyone.

Now I’ve been called a fiercely independent spirit by some and far worse by others. So I’m not very big on a one-size-fits all, super-duper, “EZ Button” system for getting clients.

I think chasing that is largely a dead end. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who will sell you something like that… until they move onto the next silver bullet next month.

But that’s at the level of TACTIC. I don’t think there’s a set of tactics that fits everyone. But when you get to the level of PRINCIPLE and STRATEGY, then it’s a different story.

The media platform is one of those strategies that can be used by thousands in thousands of different ways. You can take the basic strategy and make it fit you, a one-of-a-kind service provider.

The fact that you are reading this is one piece of proof that the platform strategy is effective. If you’ve ever been a customer or client or Rainmaker Letter subscriber, there’s more proof.

And I can point to tons of other people who are benefitting in big ways from the power of a platform.

If you don’t have one, start one. If you want help, the Platform Lab starts in a week.

Either way, commit to being a “somebody” by committing to act like a “somebody.” It pays off.