Growth in the Moment

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 69 Degrees
5:53 a.m.

When you’re walking on a path towards something REAL, sometimes it can feel like every day is a struggle.

This, of course, is a matter of your perception and is something that is ultimately under your control.

So while it might feel that, at some level, things are never going smoothly, if you look more closely at the journey you’re on, you might discover that’s not quite true.

I think we’ll call this little trick we play on ourselves something like, “selecting seeing” or “rewriting the past.”

For example, years ago, “struggling” in my life was wondering where the house payment was going to come from this month. Or it was trying to figure out why all of the clients out there didn’t seem to realize I was alive.

These days, I can’t say the FEELING has changed too much, but my relationship with it certainly has.

And on closer inspection, the situations from 10 years ago and the ones I work through these days are worlds apart.

These days, that “edge” that I lean into involves very different topics. For example, what type of reality can I produce with six hours of real effort every day? How about three? How about ONE?

Still feels like “struggle” some days, if I choose to allow that.

But I’ve worked hard to come back to center much more quickly and to sit with that feeling and really FEEL it.

You discover a lot about yourself when you do that.

You might think that sounds redundant, to work at feeling a feeling. But most people aren’t interested in doing that. Look around. No one wants to FEEL it, so they project it outward where they think they won’t have to deal with it.

They want distraction, or sedation, or something to NOT feel. But feeling is the way through.

So when I sit on that edge where there’s something I want to create that has not yet shown up, I focus on feeling the potential of it done, not the fact that it’s not in my reality yet.

One perception tends to make that desired reality manifest while the other one creates the absence of that reality.

Instead of “struggling” how about offering gratitude for being able to feel what is really GROWTH IN THE MOMENT.