Field Report Hotsheet 8.29.2016

Can’t Get Much More Private!

Clearly privacy is becoming an issue for anyone doing anything online. Here’s a unique project that’s offering a complete private and anonymous OPERATING system for people to use. Pretty crafty. Privacy might not be on your radar yet, but it will be soon.

VidTrack Has a Pro Plan

Vidtrack, which I’ve talked about before, now offers a pro plan for users. This is a wordpress plugin that allows you to easily collect video from your website visitors. It’s a LITTLE rough around the edges when you compare it with something like (I use this for plus, addpipe offers HD video capture), but it’s far more user friendly. The pro plan offers features like collecting name/email from people who submit videos etc.


Shapeshift is an online exchange for cryptocurrencies. It’s interesting because it represents value creation through efficiency. Anytime you can make an inefficient market MORE efficient, there is value there.

Interview with Seth Godin

Here’s a good interview with Seth Godin by Tim Ferriss. I’ve learned a lot from this guy about how to think over the years. I used to TRY to learn “what to do” from him, but that’s not what he teaches.