Controlling Time

Mountains of Arizona
Before Sunrise 33 Degrees
6:22 a.m.

We’re trained to want to control the money. To control the outcome. I’m going to make $1 million this year. I want to sell 845 of my new product. I want to have 20,364 subscribers. I want 35 clients.

As you begin to more closely study the art and science of what works and doesn’t, it’s only a matter of time until you realize that focusing on things you don’t control is not such a good use of energy.

Unfortunately, we are VERY well trained to do this.

  • I have to have this job to pay the bills.
  • I have to keep this client otherwise I’m in trouble.
  • I’m not going to start that new business unless I know I can make X.

We do our best to control outcomes in the best ways we know how. And we willingly give up our authority to control our TIME because of the story we tell ourselves about why we “have” to.

What all of these items ultimately lead to is a life where you play the role of a VERY poor steward of what you’ve been given…TIME.

It’s actually an invisible form of slavery we’ve been taught to impose upon ourselves.

Coming upon this realization presents you with a choice. You can continue or you can change.

So what happens if you decide to give up this habit and develop a new one? What happens if you begin to align the vibration of your heart with the way you invest your time? What happens if you detach your awareness from the story we’re trained to create around any outcome and place that awareness on the practice of improving your stewardship of your time?

What happens when an entire society lets go of the “gotta get more” vibration and replaces it with something based in LIFE, in WHOLENESS?

What happens is that the creations that spring forth from that shift tend to create outcomes similar to (or better than!) the very outcomes you were trying to control your way to.

How do you do it?

You have to trust yourself. You have to trust that becoming a better steward of your time, using it more effectively, choosing to invest it WHERE YOUR HEART LEADS, is a valid option for you…that it is, in fact, the best option for you.

Everyone’s out there telling you to build trust with your audience.

No one is going to trust you if you can’t trust yourself.

You have to go first.