Counterintuitive Client Counsel

Mountains of Arizona
Snow Coming? 29 Degrees
6:55 a.m.

1. Understand that you create clients. They will literally mirror you at some level. Whether or not you’ve yet proven to yourself that this level of things is real and “practical,” doesn’t really matter. This is the way it works. Who you are determines who you work with. That makes it pretty easy to realize where to put your focus if you want to change who you work with.

2. No one will ever prove to you that you are “worth” what you charge. No amount of results, no industry awards, no set of accolades will do it. If you can’t show up to the party KNOWING you have value, it’s not going to happen. THIS is the work.

3. Client attraction systems are not about getting clients. There are tons of clients. So your systems are more effectively used as tools to make sure you don’t end up working with the wrong clients. Part of the function your system needs to include is the ability to acquire answers to questions like:

  • What has to be known about YOU to make this decision easier for the prospect?
  • What has to be known about the PROSPECT to make this decision easier for you?
  • Do you offer anything a client wants? Or do you solve a specific problem in a specific way and simply work with clients who want that?

4. Is competing on price something you’re willing to write into your script? Do Incomparable Experts compete on price or do they happily refer prospects who want that feature to other experts who are willing to offer it?

5. Can you develop the ability to be grateful for clients leaving on good terms? If that’s the case, could it mean your relationship with them has created change sufficient for their need of you to diminish? Is it possible THIS is a more valuable service to offer the world instead of trying to “retain” clients for life?

6. Is trying to get a prospect to say “Yes” to your services REALLY the game you want to play? Is the investment of energy into convincing people to do things other than those things they would naturally do really how you want to spend your life? Are you not here for far more important things?

7. If clients are not in a position to provide, for themselves, the result that you can provide for them, why would you “take their order” when they ask for what they want from you? Can they know what is best to get to the result they can’t get to without you? Which party knows the way to the destination? If it’s YOU, don’t forget to act like it.

8. All of the validation, recognition, gratitude and accolades you are waiting on clients to give you are things you can only offer to yourself. Take the responsibility on your own shoulders for your happiness. No one else cares.

9. What are you willing to offer to the world (prospects and clients) on a complimentary basis? Something? Nothing? Do you know where that line is FOR YOU? If you don’t, you run the risk of “being taken advantage of,” except it won’t be your prospect’s fault, it will be YOURS.

10. The majority of your mind trash, your fears, your insecurities, your dread of failing, your obsession with money, your need for validation, your concern with the opinions of others and other crap that keeps you small can be made irrelevant by the revolutionary act of shifting your being from a focus on SELLING to a focus on SERVING. The mind and heart of a servant offers no safe harbor for these things.