Business Growth Experts Who Work For Free

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It’s easy to spend a lot of time trying to “grow your business.” I worked at that for a long time! It requires a lot of learning, a lot of time, a lot of expense (usually) and a lot of focus.

When I was learning the ropes, I consulted a TON of business growth experts.

I do find it funny, however, how little I actually consulted the large pool of business growth experts who work for free.

Just think, I could have saved a lot of money and really supercharged my growth. Plus, I probably would have gotten all of my answers so much quicker!

But who are these mysterious business growth experts who work for no pay? Who are these people who know exactly what you have to say and do to double, triple, quadruple your sales?

These would be your current and future customers and clients. They have all of the answers. And it seems, for the most part, they’re waiting for someone to show up with an obvious solution to one of their MANY problems.

But that’s not who I went to meet with. After all, that’s not exactly sexy. It almost looks like real work!

It was much more exciting for me to subscribe to this and buy that and listen to this and learn about that. Pretty soon, I felt like I was really getting somewhere!

What happens if we, instead of spending so much energy trying to figure out how to get people to buy things, just focus on figuring out how to radically transform the lives of those same people?

The gurus will say good products and and services don’t sell themselves, but those are also the guys who have a vested interest in you believing that.