A Sale Deferred

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 73 Degrees
6:35 a.m.

Everybody wants to make a sale today.

I stopped that. I’d much rather have a sale tomorrow, or next week, or the month following that.

Sales today can be too expensive. They can come at a great cost that few people seem to talk about.

The reason they can be expensive is that all sales are not created equal.

There are sales that add to a relationship with someone and sales that take away from it.

There are sales that build trust and sales that erode it.

There are sales that add to the probability of more sales and those that take away from that probability.

So does that mean you just take more time to give people more stuff before you ask for the sale? You give a lot and then you can take a little?”

No. I used to think that, but I realized even that was reducing humans to nameless/faceless balls of manipulatable chemicals.

Expecting “reciprocity,” to me, is bogus.

Is that really how you want someone treating you?

Thinking it’s smart to leverage “reciprocity,” because you know you’re going to get something back, is just a new silly story we put on NEED. And need doesn’t help anyone.

Plus it locks you into an extremely limiting and linear view of how things work.

If you do X for John, then John should do something for you.

That’s not my experience. When you do X for John, then maybe Suzy comes along two months from now. Or maybe she never comes along. Who knows. The point is not to care. The energy goes somewhere. It’ll come back.

“Getting” yours isn’t the point, because that’s a race to EMPTINESS. The more you get the less you will have.

When you don’t have money, all that matters is getting it. Once you get it, then you realize that HOW you get it becomes very important.

When you’re not making sales, that’s all you want. Once you get them, you start to see that HOW you get them is far more important over the long term.

How do you build an environment where, when the sale actually happens, it deepens and strengthens the relationship?

You do it by understanding that TRUE selling is something a prospect does to him or herself.