A Front Row Seat At the Magic Show

Mountains of Arizona
Fall Blowing In 81 Degrees
4:37 p.m.

So if we’re all just making it up as we go… if we’re making up our business… making up our ideal clients… making up our positioning, making up our fee structures… then what standards or guides are we using for this?

Should we be using any? Are there really guides? Certainly there are “best practices?” Isn’t there a way to make the journey easier?

Looking back at the years during which I was “struggling,” I’d have to say that what I was really trying to do was to get my business to “work.”

What that meant THEN was that I was trying to mold my reality to be like the reality of someone else I had seen.

I had a good idea of how it was supposed to go, I just couldn’t get it to GO.

Not only did this turn out to be frustrating, it also turned out to be an excellent example for how to be a terrible steward of my creative capacity.

You could say it was “bass ackwards” if you wanted to use fewer words.

You figure out what you want. You set the intention for that.

Then you learn to watch for all of the “how” to show up before you. Because that’s what happens. That’s how you’re wired.

If you’re stuck in your head, you probably think that’s a crazy approach.

If you’re “highly educated,” you might be 100% sure it’s crazy.

That’s OK. You have your journey, I have mine.

For myself, however, I’ve proven it’s the truth.

When you stop looking at others, you lose the interference that creates within YOUR vision for you.

When you get clear “inside,” then intend for that to BE on the outside, then you just go about the work that is placed before you…you will have a front row seat at the magic show that you are.