Trained to Want What You Don’t Want

Mountains of Arizona
Rain 72 Degrees
1:10 p.m.

I had this terrible habit for a long time of saying Yes to things when I wanted to say No.

I’ve talked about this before. And I’ve mentioned that the REASON I did it is because I didn’t want to deal with confrontation. I didn’t have the fortitude to stand in the dissonance created when my energetic will met another being’s energetic will.

We have billions of people out there doing what they don’t want to do with their lives. And they’re working hard at it. Because it’s draining. In fact, it’s slow motion dying.

People do this en masse because the system is setup to train humans to be WILL-LESS.

It starts in school.

It happens at work.

It is a primary tenet of institutional religion.

It is also by design. And it’s for a good reason that the system doesn’t want people walking off in the direction of their own will and intent.

“Stop directing yourself. We will take care of that for you.”

Maybe you’re in a business or job you don’t enjoy. Maybe you work with colleagues you can’t stand. Maybe your kids are enrolled in 4,000 different activities with ZERO time to breathe or actually integrate their experiences.

It’s like there’s this invisible track that everyone gets sucked onto. They know it doesn’t feel right, but it’s not clear what to do about it.

So what IS someone to do?


Start walking in the direction of WHAT YOU WANT.

That’s your right. That’s your honor. That’s your responsibility.

Exert your will onto creation and watch what happens.

You can do this at home.

You can do this in business.

You can do this everywhere you go.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy!

With a lifetime of training about what you’re supposed to want, clarity about what you actually do want can be hard to come by.

But if there’s anything to work on, it’s THIS. Because your will brings with it the force of all creation.

You are literally a bio crystalline projection machine. You make the unseen SEEN.

So you can walk boldly in the direction of what you want. You don’t need permission. You don’t need validation. You don’t even need attention. No one needs to know.

I grew up being trained (usually subtly, sometimes overtly) that focusing on what I wanted was self-centered, selfish, rude and completely disrespectful to everyone else’s “needs.”

But that’s just indoctrination training.

Because the best treasure you can give to the world is the energetic vibration that you embody when you are living a life that makes you joyful.

WHAT YOU WANT is how you change the world.

WHAT YOU WANT is how you get your heart to sing every day.

WHAT YOU WANT is how you disengage from the system’s track for you and lead yourself to your own path.

WHAT YOU WANT makes Yes and No easy.

If you want to spend your life as the REAL YOU, it makes sense to do the work to peel away the layers until that being is ready to show up and move forward with ZERO compromise about what you want.