What To Do When They Don’t Like You

The Client Letter
November 29, 2013
The Desert of Arizona
Sunrise 28 Degrees

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Oh the beauty of rejection.

We’ve all experienced it.

Maybe they tell it to you straight. Maybe they don’t have the guts and make something up. Whatever the method, the client makes it clear: they’re not so into what you’re doing.

I used to react strongly to rejection. It’s not a nice feeling after all. I used to get angry. I used to react with thoughts like, “It’s their loss…” and other statements that scream insecurity.

These days, I go another route.

How do you deal with rejection?

You feel it.

You suck it in.

You use it as a major opportunity to grow.

When you can stand in the fire and not be burned, you can do anything.

The only reason you care about being rejected is because that’s when you realize you won’t be getting what you were really there to get from your client. Which in most cases, is someone helping you feel good about yourself. Validation.

When you stop needing that, rejection loses its power.

The next time you get rejected, don’t ignore it, use it. Use it to build your tolerance for being OK even when things aren’t OK.

I guarantee that you benefit from that work in a way that will become very obvious to you and your prospects over time.

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