Turning Off the Fear Projector

Mountains of Arizona
Before Sunrise 30 Degrees
6:46 a.m.

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When I first got started learning about business, I read a lot of books that severely limited my understanding of how EXCHANGE could work.

Everything I read was very linear and very one dimensional.

“I do X so I get Y.”

This approach to business is about like limiting yourself to only painting with a SINGLE color as an artist. 99.9% of the world of possibility remains unavailable to you because you choose NOT to see it.

Eventually, I realized I don’t have to manipulate “Charlie” or “Susie” to receive material abundance. I simply have to be valuable to Charlie, Susie and as many others as I can and watch as something magical happens over time because of that. I don’t expect it, because I don’t have to expect it. I simply allow it.

This approach is not going to get you any VC money for your business and it’s not going to win you an
“entrepreneur of the year award.” Those folks are stuck in the paradigm they were trained into of “give to get” and probably don’t care much about shifting it…I don’t know. It can feel scary to step outside of that when that’s all you’ve ever done.

What I do know is that business and exchange are a much bigger landscape than we’ve been told. It includes the alchemical, the magical, the parts of the world that you can’t actually explain but that seem to function very predictably.

Can you trust that? Can you try it? Can you experiment with it and see how the Universe works for you? Can you open your eyes to a completely new and far more natural way of proceeding?

What this is really about is reverse engineering a way of moving through reality without the fear that you won’t have enough, that it won’t work out, that you’ll never achieve the “success” you want.

A world of entrepreneurs who choose NOT to project that fear into our reality will change the world for everyone.