The Way It Is

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 77 Degrees
1:58 p.m.

“That’s just the way it is.”

Except it isn’t. Nothing is.

Everything was made up by someone.

And before that someone came along, there WAS no “way it is.”

If that’s the case, then you can create what you want. The “way it is” is irrelevant.

“That’s just what you have to do.

“That’s just the way it works.”

“That’s just how they do things.”

“Everybody has to do that.”




And nope.

I used to say this with anger. I thought of myself as a rebel, you know.

But a better word would have been an emotionally immature, angry and scared child in the body of a “man.”

Now I have no need to “rebel.”

Because to rebel means you’re actually accepting the validity of the very thing you’re “rebelling” against. You don’t have to rebel, you simply have to stop believing “the way it is” has any authority or power over you. It has a right to its opinion, but that has nothing to do with you.

Where do you think the fake authority it projects came from? It came from everyone ELSE.

You can’t grant yourself authority, only others can.

When you truly get this, your world will change. You will step into the director’s chair of your life and off you will be.