The Power of Fake News

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If you want to decrease the power of a certain group of people, or for that matter, ALL OF THE PEOPLE, “Divide and Conquer” is a pretty effective way to do it.

As a strategy for dominance, it’s been around for a long time. I imagine it really hit its stride during the Roman Empire, but I’m sure they were just reviving an old hit from their own ancient past.

Even one of the newest divide and conquer manifestations, the infamous “fake news,” shows that this age old strategy is still alive and kicking.

How many ways can we think of to divide one human from another?

East and West, Communist and Capitalist, Republican and Democrat, Black and White, the possibilities are endless. And we haven’t even gotten to religion yet.

Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. It works. Look around.

Anger everywhere. People turning against each other. Countless groups of people totally SURE it’s the OTHER folks who are in the wrong.

What an effective way to create a mess.

The sad part is there’s no bigger creator of fake news than you. And me. What makes it sad is that we direct that fake news right at ourselves.

  • I’m not going to make it…
  • I’m not cut out for this…
  • Am I really worthy?
  • What if they don’t like this?
  • Other people are better than I am…
  • Success is reserved for others…
  • I’ve never been able to make it work…
  • Why does this always happen to me?

And on and on and on.

If this is what we’re doing to ourselves, it makes you wonder which part of ourselves is doing it? And which other part of ourselves is receiving it?

Now we’re thinking!

Well, we’ve got the part of us that’s open to programming, I’ll call that the LITTLE you. You could also call it the “ego.”

Some students of this topic posit that the ego is the creation of some ancient cataclysmic event that so traumatized the human psyche that it “split” in half as a means of self preservation.

An interesting thought. And one that would certainly help explain a lot of the completely irrational behavior we engage in to try to feel “whole” instead of empty.

We’re LITERALLY divided against ourselves.

Then of course, there’s the other part of us. That silent and expansive part. The part that’s always been there and will always be there. It’s the part we can tune into at any moment. The part that is still and powerful and eternal.

If you’re tired of your own “fake news,” start paying attention to which part of you is loudest.

You get to choose. You get to give awareness to the one you’d rather have in the foreground.

Depending on how loud you’ve allowed the LITTLE you to get, it could take some work. But it’s not DOING work, it’s really NOT doing work.

You simply withdraw your consent to be a willing audience for that voice.

It will starve and whither from lack of attention (it needs YOUR life force) and it will recede into the background.

Today seems like a good day to shut down your own “fake news” division and get back to the work of making the world a better place.

A “YOU,” divide against itself, is not what the world needs.