The Money Making Scale

Did you know there’s something called the “Moneymaking Scale?”

It’s not actually a scale of course. And the only place it really exists is in the minds of your prospects and clients.

But don’t let that fool you.

Because where you weigh in on the Moneymaking Scale has everything to do with just how much money you make as a freelancer or professional service provider.

On one end of the scale are your client’s expenses… the things that eat away at his profit. Those are the things he doesn’t want to spend money on but does because they’re necessary.

On the other end of the scale is the income… the profit generating stuff.

Where do you fall? Do you make your client money or do you cost him money?

What would HE say if someone asked him?

So many freelancers struggle because they fail to connect the dots between what they do and what the client gets because of what they do.

And when that connection is not clearly made, the client sees your services as an expense, not as an investment in future revenue.

That’s a problem.

The way to help fix it is to get clear on exactly what you’re selling and exactly what your client is buying.

Take web design…

If you’re in the web design business, it’s my opinion that you’re not really selling web design services.

Well, you might think you’re selling that, but that’s not what your client is buying.

Your client is buying the opportunity that your web design services will help them get something ELSE.

Maybe it’s sales…

Maybe it’s customers…

Maybe it’s a mention in the press…


The point is that unless you position yourself as the way to improve the life or business of your client, then you will be seen as an expense.

Expenses are minimized or put off until they have to be dealt with.

That’s NOT what you want happening to your business.