The Monday Syndrome

The Client Letter
The Monday Syndrome
September 19, 2011
Sedona, Arizona

Here we are. At yet another Monday in your life as an independent professional.

Each time this day comes around, you are given a choice. Think of it really like coming upon a fork in the road.

One of the roads you can choose is the road of comfort. Choose this road and the next 7 days will be very much like the last 7. You choose this road if you are scared and you allow that fear to affect your decisions.

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By choosing the road of comfort, you ensure that you will in fact get through the next 7 days without any major calamity in your world. By “calamity” I don’t mean a catastrophe. I simply mean an event or occasion, chosen deliberately by you, that would force you out of your comfort zone.

People choose this road thinking that it is safe. And it is. At least if you are taking a short term view of life and define “safe” as meaning “adhering to your current ideas about how the world works and who you are.”

By choosing the road of comfort, you choose to reinforce the walls of what you believe is possible.

Your reality is supported by that belief and will answer accordingly.

If this road of comfort is starting to sound a lot like a dead end, then you’ve gotten the point.

So What’s Down the Other Road?

The other road is quite different. But the funny thing is, I don’t really have much to say about it.

Actually, I’m not qualified to speak about it, because it isn’t my road.

With all apologies to Robert Frost, it is not the road less travelled. This path is, in effect, the road not yet travelled by anyone. And that is because it is the road of your life.

There’s only one path. And there is only one traveller.

Your choice, of course, is whether to walk down the path of comfort, or to take the other road. The one that’s shrouded in darkness, where you can’t really see around the next corner.

The decision isn’t something you make once. It’s one that you make each and every moment you are alive.

Most people make that decision not fully aware of what they are doing.

Today’s message is to bring this to your attention so that you decide while WIDE AWAKE.

We’ll all end up at the very same place in the end, so there’s not much sense in worrying about the final destination, now is there?

Instead, just focus on choosing your path for today and then following through with that choice in everything you do.

You can choose the path of comfort or you can choose the path of growth and personal power.

You can choose the path that reflects to you who you currently are or the one that reveals who you can become.

Some people might just say today is Monday.

I think that’s not quite the whole story.

See you tomorrow,

Jason Leister
Editor, The Client Letter
Creating Success for Independent Professionals