The Guy Who Gets Clients Without a Website

The Client Letter
July 24, 2013
Sunny 78 Degrees

There are a lot of challenges you encounter when you’re trying to grow a business.

This is something I probably DON’T have to tell you.

What I think is most interesting is that it’s not the things you DON’T know that create the problems. The real problems are created by the things you think you know that just aren’t true.

When you “think” something is true, you take actions based on those thoughts. And you can get yourself into some pretty frustrating situations because of that.

Or perhaps that’s just me 🙂

The next Rainmaker Letter issue gets released near the end of this week.

This month’s issue is a bit delayed, but for good reason.

Because this month I had the privilege to interview someone who in just 1 hour could very well turn everything you think about how you’re supposed to be working with clients on its head.

This guy has a message that you need to hear.

The funny thing is, almost no one knows who he is.

He doesn’t publish his phone number.

He doesn’t write an email newsletter.

He doesn’t have a blog.

He doesn’t even have a website. (Who doesn’t have a website in 2013?)

In fact, as you’ll hear on the interview, he’s a self-professed “slacker” in the best sense of the word.

But despite that, he still runs a successful business while leaving plenty of time for his LIFE.

If you feel frustrated, overworked, under appreciated and like you’re working way too hard for way too little, you’ll probably want to put this interview on REPEAT a few times.

If you aren’t a Rainmaker Letter subscriber yet, now is the time to get onboard.

This single interview is worth your entire year’s subscription.