The “Blessed” Test For Pricing

The Desert of Arizona
Like Putting Your Head In An Oven – 9:16 a.m.

Figuring out what to charge for your products and services can be quite a challenge.

If you let anything but your head decide, you end up wading through a bunch of mindset and self-worth issues before you arrive at any specific numbers.

And yet, the reason the world is in its current state is because THOUGHT has been running the show, untamed, for a very long time.

Could the pricing answer come from somewhere else? God forbid, could it come from your heart? Could it come from an alignment between head and heart?

Talking like this is supposed to be restricted, “none shall pass!” territory in the business world. But how about we go foraging right into the thick of it?

Buckle up!

Now understand, if you follow the path of the Incomparable Expert, you will engineer an ecosystem where normal pricing rules simply do not apply.

You will be the ONE source on the PLANET for some thing. Your prospects will know they can get similar competent expertise from other sources. They will also know there is only ONE source to receive the experience and result exactly as you provide it.

So you will have earned a position enjoyed by few experts.

But instead of asking, “What will they pay?”

And instead of asking, “How much do I want?”

Consider asking, “What amount of money, if received by me for this work, would immediately create, inside my core, a feeling of being deeply blessed?”

What happens when you feel blessed to work with a client? What happens in that moment of receiving is that you produce a feeling of gratitude.

And that feeling of gratitude completely shifts the undercurrents of a relationship with a client.

The trick is that once you get your number, you stop listening to what your ego is going to say about it. It will always have a comment. And it is rarely helpful.

“You know you could have gotten more…”

“You know X charges way more than that for less work…”

“You know you deserve more than that…”

“You know you really should have a business that ‘scales,’ you work too hard for too little…”

These are all toxic thoughts in this particular situation. And if you entertain them in your being, you will find your enjoyment of business far less than it could be.

How does your outlook on life change when you walk around completely grateful for the abundance flowing into your world?

I “triple dog dare you” to find out…