The Basics of Bilingual Business Building

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RE: The basics of bilingual business building

I was on the phone with a Platform Express client yesterday and we were talking about how to position his Platform so it’s instantly attractive to his prospects.

It doesn’t really matter WHAT you have to offer your clients, if you talk about it in the wrong language, you make your life more difficult than it needs to be.

That’s because there’s a language service providers use and there’s a language that clients use.

The challenge is that clients don’t speak the service provider language. They don’t care about it. Clients speak a secret language that’s almost completely backwards from the language service providers speak.

If all you can do is speak the service provider language, you’re sunk. You need to be “bilingual” or you will struggle.

Let’s say you’re a web designer. You design e-commerce sites for businesses. The language you speak is the language of the web designer.

You design great websites. They are stable. The code is clean. The design is sharp. The technology is rock solid.

So that’s what you talk about. Obviously that’s what you talk about because that’s all you have to sell right?


Your clients are speaking another language.

They don’t buy websites. They buy what websites do for them. They buy the confidence and peace of mind that their primary sales channel won’t crash and burn. They buy the ability to increase sales without a corresponding increase in work or expense. They buy a “vehicle” they hope leads to a better life and business.

Are you getting this language? If you don’t speak it, today’s the day to start learning.

You don’t have to conjugate verbs or memorize vocabulary words. You just have to stop thinking like your service provider self and start thinking and talking like a client!

It makes ALL the difference.