The 3 Step Client Attraction System

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Ideally, you need three things to build a client attraction system:

Item #1… a consistent flow of leads. Good leads make everything better. For example, I’m talking to about 346 new Client Letter subscribers since the first of January. So that’s roughly 60-80 new subscribers a day. These folks don’t come by chance, this is a system I control.

Item #2… You need a leveraged way of earning a spot in the heart and mind of your platform subscribers. Another name for this is a media platform. That is a podcast, newsletter, video series etc. published on a CONSISTENT basis that everyone knows about. And it’s something that is strategically aimed at the people you are trying to attract.

Item #3… you need “open doors” to the other things you offer (services, products etc.). These need to be well thought out in terms of presentation so your prospects are naturally attracted to them. A “pushy” advisor isn’t someone people respect for too long.

Now here’s the interesting part…

Item #1 generally takes the most work.

Item #2 generally takes very little work but ends up doing most of the “heavy lifting” over time, even though it takes time.

Item #3 becomes the easiest step of all if you’ve done Item #1 and Item #2 well.

And one more tip: start with Item #2 FIRST. Get your platform created and start publishing even before you’re talking to anyone.

The most challenging part of this whole system is finding the patience to let it work for you. This takes time. Why? Is there some flaw with this system that some marketing guru could solve so we could have instant results?

Ha… Despite what anyone says, doesn’t your heart tell you there’s no shortcut to trust? Of course there isn’t.

Trust is earned. Ultimately, trust is GIVEN to you by others. So you have to wait until someone decides to offer you that gift.

Trying to wrestle it from their hands just ends up making you look stupid.