One Step, Two Steps, Three Steps

Mountains of Arizona
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2:32 p.m.

Right now I’m building out three different complete marketing systems for partner program clients. The price points of what’s being offered are $300, $8000 and $160K.

While that’s a wide range, the process is very well refined and consistent. Of course, there are always obstacles along the way unique to each setting, but that’s just life.

First, the media platform is created. If you don’t have one, get one. The longer you wait, the more noise is out there to be heard through. So it’s not going to get any easier to carve out your position in the universe. But there’s really NOT a smarter way to do things these days.

It’s slow, consistent, methodical and strategic. It’s everything most people will NEVER be willing to do!

Next, you figure out what type of journey is appropriate for an interested prospect to move closer to you.

Is it a phone call, an assessment of some sort, another publication? I don’t know. It’s part art, part science to figure this out. Sometimes it takes a while to sort through to an answer that works.

Once that core foundation is set, you begin to reach out to the real world. You develop connecting points between strangers and your universe.

Lots of people call this lead generation, but I’ve come to think that label really dehumanizes things.

John, Sue, Kathy, Toby and Charles are real living beings. They’ve got hopes, dreams, families, fears…all of the dimensions.

If you train yourself to never forget this, that no matter HOW big your business gets, you’re still dealing with individual living beings, you tend to make far fewer stupid decisions.

This is the step where you can get creative almost without limit. You’re looking for an ever expanding collection of ways to attract the attention of a stranger, even if only for a few moments.

For most of these marketing systems I’m working on, we’ll end up with 4-8 of these entry points into the main system.

Some marketing systems rely heavily on magazine print ads, others rely heavily on pay per click.

Doesn’t really matter, we’re connecting human problems with human solutions. That’s the goal.

All of this work takes months, at the very least. There’s no “off the shelf” version of this type of thing that’s available. You literally can’t just buy it with a big payment. Someone has to craft it.

If you want Incomparable Expert status, getting there isn’t a trick or a hack, it takes walking each step of the path.