Making Fear Pay?

The Client Letter
May 22, 2013
The Northland
Still More Rain, Still More Wind 39 Degrees

Just yesterday, I had an article published on Early to Rise about Fear. (If you are a new Client Letter subscriber as a result of that article, welcome!)

The article makes it clear that fear is no stranger in my life. It’s probably not a stranger in yours.

We live in a culture of fear. Fear is popular. Fear is on the menu everywhere… it’s most of what’s being served. Fear controls, that’s why it’s used so much.

When you develop a way to cut the strings that allow fear to control you (notice I didn’t say get rid of it), you are free.

But have you ever thought that your clients are just as scared as (or maybe even more scared than) you are?

Now there’s an interesting thought…

What does that do to the dynamic when you’re speaking to a potential client? How does that affect your approach?

It’s kind of like that public speaking trick where you’re supposed to picture everyone without clothes on as a way to calm your nerves. Imagining your potential clients as scared human beings just like everyone else really puts things in a new perspective.

Once you realize that everyone you speak to is pretty much scared, you can focus on being the one that’s “OK.” Or at least more “OK” than your prospect.

You develop the skill of uncovering all of the points where your prospect is NOT “OK” and then you show them how you can help to change those areas.

Everyone wants to be “OK.” That’s why people that are “OK” are attractive.

In the end, you can actually use your relationship with and understanding of fear as a way to become more attractive. It’s one way to make fear PAY.

Now ain’t that sumpin…?