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Dear Professional,

Over the past few years, I’ve gone from a standing start to working with some of the most successful millionaire business owners in my industry.

What you’re about to read is the story of how that came about.

On first reading, it might sound like I’ve been lucky.

And for the first few years, that is exactly what I thought too.

All that changed on the day I met the man I’m going to tell you about. For now, I’ll just call him the “mentor.”

mentor12The funny thing is, unlike the typical student travelling to meet the wise sage, I never searched out this mentor. Instead, he found me. What’s even crazier is that I didn’t pay him a cent to learn from his knowledge and experience. He paid me. And he paid a lot.

Lucky? Maybe.

The First Time I Used This “Secret,” the Results Were Amazing

I remember the first time I (consciously) used this first secret to getting clients in a real selling situation.

I was living in the middle of nowhere Indiana and I had just hung out my shingle a few months before as a copywriter and marketing consultant.

I was on the phone with a prospect and it was looking like things were going to work out in a completely underwhelming way. The project was going to be a small “how fast and how cheap can you do it” type of thing. Hardly the life or business transforming project I really wanted.

That’s when I put this secret into play. Things changed… and fast.

I went from thinking I was dealing with a project worth a few hundred bucks to getting a client ultimately worth tens of thousands of dollars to me.

Looking back, that was the closest thing I’d ever experienced to alchemy. It still gets me excited to think about how that worked out.

Was I just lucky? Maybe so.

The Day I Received the $120,000 Email

I’d like to say that everything was roses and bon bons after that day. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t.

Yes, I had used the secret to getting clients successfully, in a conscious way, ONCE. But it wasn’t ingrained enough to STICK.

So over the following months and years, I kind of forgot about this secret. Like a dusty genie lamp buried under a pile of old antiques, it just sat there… doing nothing for no one.

I still managed to do pretty well though, so I’m not complaining or anything. You see, this secret doesn’t stop working just because you stop working it.

Instead, small parts of it embed themselves into your life and they affect the decisions you make and the actions you take.

I’m thankful for that. Those little remnants of this secret probably saved my hide more times than I know.

So let’s fast forward a few years to the day the mentor showed up in my life. Or rather, in my inbox.

It all started with a single email from him. From that, a business relationship was created worth in excess of $120,000 to my bottom line.

But the money wasn’t the most valuable thing I received in the deal. Money comes and money goes. It’s always flowing. The real treasure was that I walked away with a real understanding of the secret to getting kick-ass clients.

But it doesn’t just stop with clients… you can use this in a huge number of ways.

How “The Mentor” Used His Secret to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

The mentor that I’m talking about used this secret to build his entire multi-million dollar empire. From nothing to millions and millions of dollars. He was playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers.


At first, you might think it was a just a marketing gimmick or something. I soon found out it wasn’t. The evidence became too great and the results too large to ignore.

Over and over again, I watched him use this to build block after block of his business. The power of it was simply amazing.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was that I had used my mentor’s exact secret to attract him in the first place.

Again, you might think I just got lucky. And you’d be right. Except that this kind of “luck” has nothing to do with chance. It has to do with something that’s under your control.

When You Use This Secret, You Attract Others Who Know It Or Use It — These Individuals Tend to Be Quite Successful

What I discovered over the years, is that this secret to attracting clients is actually like a long forgotten “language” reserved for those who have what it takes to be successful.

When you put this secret to work in your business, the clients who “speak this language” will perk up their ears, take notice… and come to you.

These are the clients you want to be working with. They are unlike the normal breed of client. They are easy to work with, they pay you very well and they carry a level of respect they show only to those who they recognize as “one of them.”

With this single secret to under your belt, you CAN be one of them.

All of this might sound like I’m talking about magic or voodoo or something. And at this point in our story, you might not believe me yet.

And I might not believe it either… if I hadn’t experienced it for myself.

How to Discover the Secrets of the Incomparable Expert For Yourself

What’s an Incomparable Expert? Watch the video. That’s what it’s about:


Ever since those days working with my mentor, I’ve slowly been working towards mastery of this secret. There are quite a few to know, by the way. But this is the big one. This is the one that gets you what I call, “kick-ass” clients.

Understand that it is not for the faint of heart. If you know you have no courage and aren’t willing to “stick to your guns” even in the face of challenge, save yourself the trouble and move on. This is not for you.

Worse than that is that KNOWING this secret but not having the guts to use it will make you miserable.

It would be like having the key to your prison cell but, for some reason, being afraid to actually put it in the keyhole.

The good news is that, if you’re ready, you can start putting this secret to use in your business with clients just a few minutes from now.

I’ve taken this secret (and a TON of other “working with clients” techniques and strategies) and written them all down so you can learn from my experience.

The best part is, you can download all of my work for FREE. I’ve put it together for you into a volume called, Secrets of an Incomparable Expert. It should go without saying that I’ve invested a lot of time, effort, pain and frustration in the form of lost fees and expensive mistakes.

I shudder to think how much money I’ve left on the table, and how much frustration I’ve caused myself over the years before I got this secret under my belt.

What’s one client worth to you?

“Your Course Kicks Ass!!”

…By far, the BEST advice and the best gift I gave myself was to purchase your course…”

-Diane Aksten

I love all your material – I’m slowly transforming my consciousness into a “big self consciousness.” I tend to fall back into that “small me” mindset but your daily […] reminds me and jolts me into the mindset of “not being needy” to one of bringing “My Best Self to Life” everyday. I love the outstanding response and miracles and breakthroughs that I get by being energized by the ideas you shared in “Kick Ass Clients book.” I have underrated my landscape design service because of the suffering economy and I bought into that “scarcity mindset.” My business is thriving now because of you contribution you’ve brought to my life. Thank you Jason.


Great job on the book.

It contains all of the lessons Gary Halbert tried to teach me in our year and a half together from his 30 years experience of working with clients.

Dan Gallapoo “Doberman Dan”
Direct Response Entrepreneur, Copywriter and Consultant

Holy crap! This is seriously good stuff. Dangerously good. I wish I knew half of it when I first started out as a freelance copywriter. It would have saved me so many hassles and headaches… And a ton of money, too. Good work, Jason. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s serious about business. Any service provider, freelancer, marketer, or sales rep — in short, anyone who has to deal with clients — should read this report.

Michel Fortin
Copywriter, Marketer, Consultant

As the founder of, I’ve been directly responsible for selling well over 5 million dollars in services. Translation? I have learned a thing or two about working with clients over the years! And if I could turn back time and have a “do-over”, I would have read every word […] printed it out, used a bright pink highlighter, and I likely would have raked in at least three times the money as a result.

Why? Because Jason Leister has compiled the best list of actionable advice for freelancers I have ever read, and if I had known back then what I know now, I would not have wasted countless hours trying desperately to please clients who completely devalued everything my staff and I did for them. This book provides amazing advice about how to become a service provider worthy of earning top dollar. With the advice from this book, you will know exactly how to deal with the “why can’t you do it cheaper?” question.

Endless all-nighters and tearful working weekends could have been avoided if I had known these valuable strategies for dealing with all types of clients. Get this book now, while you still have your sanity! Trust me on this one. Your service business and family will thank you for it!

ps. I can count on only one hand how many “testimonials” I have provided for products over the years. I write them only for products that deserve to be praised.

Sylvie Fortin
CEO/Founder Inc.

Every freelancer should read this report BEFORE they start accepting clients. And then re-read it again after they’ve had a few. Taking a couple hours to do this could easily save smart freelancers from getting ripped off and spinning their wheels with deadbeat clients.

Ryan Healy

“I’ve been working without a safety-net as a freelance marketing strategist / copywriter for the past 6-years. When it comes to dealing with clients I’ve had to learn everything the hard way. I’ve made mistakes. Lost money. Been ripped off. Got my head kicked in emotionally. And had to pick myself up off the floor more times than is healthy. So I can attest to the veracity and TRUTH of all […] reality checks in your book […]. This book is what I call a head-straightener book and should be required reading for any freelancer who lives and dies by their wits and the value they can bring to the table. Even experienced freelancers should take a good cold-hard look […] They may not like what they see — but sometimes the TRUTH hurts like a bitch!”

Michael Silk
Copywriter, Marketing Strategist

There’s a Lot Packed
Into This, Including…
  • The fastest and most effective way to change the quality of client that shows up on your doorstep. If you’re annoyed with your clients, then here’s your medicine.
  • How a simple shift in your attitude can provide a huge boost to your “client getting” power.
  • The simple practice I started (you can too) and how it contributed to $17,000 of new business in less than 3 weeks.
  • The one toxic and evil habit you must banish from your being if you hope to attract kick-ass clients. This is a strong force that you must master or you will suffer.
  • The big mistake you absolutely must avoid if you don’t want your clients constantly eating away at your fees. Sadly, most service providers get this 100% WRONG.
  • What to do when prospective clients actually show up. If you want to take control of the process and be in the driver’s seat until the check is in your bank account, don’t miss PART 3 of the guide.
  • What you should do if you ever get tripped up by a prospect and aren’t sure what to say.
  • How to use the “flip” to stop a prospect who’s “interrogating” you with questions and put control of the situation back in your hands.
  • How to avoid the effects of the “Messiah Syndrome,” which can be both painful and extremely expensive.
  • Why most service providers are setup to FAIL from the start with their clients. If you don’t thoroughly understand this “Catch 22” trap, you’ll deal with it forever.
  • Why “asking for the business” is one of the dumbest things you could possibly do as a service provider.
  • Why clients are exactly like real estate. And a secret known by all successful real estate investors that you can use to profit.
  • A simple technique you can use immediately to ensure you don’t take on low paying projects that won’t contribute to your goals.
  • Why you’re absolutely nuts if you charge by the hour for your services. There’s a much smarter way to get paid.
  • How to guarantee you NEVER get stuck waiting for half of your money until “the project is complete.” If you’ve been in a situation where that payment got delayed or disappeared completely, I don’t have to tell you how annoying it is.
  • And of course, you get the real secret to getting kick-ass clients…
Do This Before You Speak to Another Prospect or Client on the Phone

mastermind6Mindset is everything in this business.

If you know what you’re doing with a prospect, you can go in, blow their socks off and walk away with a check.

You will BE the professional. They will consider you an Incomparable Expert.

If you DON’T know what you’re doing, you go in and end up getting put on the pile with all the other VENDORS under consideration.

That’s right, you’ll be a VENDOR.

Do you want to be a VENDOR? I don’t think you do.

Being an independent professional isn’t rocket science but it takes being smart and having some sense. Throw in a few secrets and you are pretty much unstoppable.

Sure, you have to actually be good at what you do. But just showing up with your skills isn’t going to get the check in your bank account.

There are a lot of service providers that prove that rule.

Here’s the First Test Most Professionals FAIL

The first test that most independent professionals have to pass is how to get on the phone with a prospect without bombing. By “bombing,” I mean showing up with your “small” self instead of your powerful self.

This is where most fail with flying colors.

They get on the phone with a prospective client and totally screw up their chances of ever getting a big check. Because they go in with a mindset of “I need this” instead of something smarter.

Sound familiar? I’ve done it many times. And what I’ve realized is that it ALL has to do with mindset. What mindset are you in when you pick up that phone?

This guide can help you fix that.

A lot of services providers could use this to totally transform their lives and businesses. You transform your mindset and then make decisions based on that mindset and you will make progress.

It’s really the gift that keeps on giving.

You could be brand new, barely have a paying client, and scared to death that your heart will stop if the client doesn’t pick you…

This will help you…

You could even be an experienced freelancer who just can’t seem to “make it” and is ready to throw in the towel…

This will help you…

You might actually be quite successful but are starting to get darn tired of working so hard for what you get…

This will help you…

To be clear, I made a ton of mistakes because I wasn’t playing as my big self.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you work with clients, this guide can completely transform the results you are getting for the better.

While I can’t guarantee you’ll make a million bucks and neither can anyone else, I can guarantee that discovering and using the secret’s you’ll have access to just minutes from now have the power to completely transform your future.

The choice is yours. Go forward with these secrets… or go forward without them

How to Get These Secrets

These secrets are not available for sale. Instead, they are my gift to you as a new subscriber to the Incomparable Expert Daily Journal. Each day, a select group of business owners all over the world wakes up to this unique letter sent to their inbox. This email is focused on one goal: the transformation of mind, body and spirit required to live and work as an Incomparable Expert.

An Incomparable Expert is a one of a kind service provider whose position in the marketplace leads to better clients and higher fees with less effort.

Do you want to be an Incomparable Expert or not? That’s the only question that matters here.

If the answer is “Yes,” then I invite you to begin your subscription to the daily journal.

From how to sell yourself, to setting fees, to getting clients, each issue offers advice, experience and additional resources to help you improve your business, your life and transform yourself into an Incomparable Expert.

It’s been said that The Incomparable Expert Daily Journal is on par with the content found in high priced courses and programs that sell for thousands of dollars.

That is certainly the goal.

Your subscription to The Incomparable Expert Daily Journal is completely free with no strings attached. Along with it, you’ll also receive a copy of The Secrets of An Incomparable Expert, which reveals the powerful “kick-ass client” attraction secret I discovered all those years ago.