Iterating Iteration

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7:46 a.m.

Marketing is powerful. But it’s not enough to make a business where there shouldn’t be one.

It might last for a while, but over the long term, you’re pretty much done for.

If there’s one thing that CAN make the difference between a business that’s viable and one that’s not, it’s choosing the right problem to solve for the right people.

Do THAT part right and it makes everything easier.

In school, you don’t get to do things over. They try to train you in some alternate reality where you are supposed to be worried about getting it right the first time.

Have you ever heard of anyone taking a test and getting an F the first time, a C the second time and an A the last time?

Not going to happen. That would lead to a view of reality that would make someone harder to control.

So you get one chance and you live with the measurement you receive.

You realize how bizarre that idea is when you actually get to life.

Life is nothing but iteration. Over and over and over again.

You’re probably good at a few things. And while you have a limited skillset or area of genius, there’s a rather infinite number of possibilities for how you can express that and where you can aim that.

Iteration is the only way you figure out the best and highest use of what you have.

If people aren’t coming to you and asking for your helping solving a certain problem, then perhaps it’s time to ask yourself how you could aim at solving a better problem for the world?