I’m Already SOLD

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 50 Degrees

“I’m already sold.”

Who wouldn’t want prospects to say things like that?

When you have a media Platform that is properly tuned to send out a signal that attracts the right people, this is going to be the natural result. Prospects will show up already having done the sales job for you. They will be SOLD.

Make no mistake, the platform model IS about selling. It’s just not about YOU selling. Instead, it’s about providing enough of the raw material required for prospects to sell themselves on you.

And it works really well.

But that’s NOT the only benefit of the media platform.

Another primary benefit is that it takes the need for you to figure out your U.S.P. (unique selling proposition) all by yourself OFF the table.

Instead of you thinking your way there, it’s something you discover over time.

But instead of ending up with one U.S.P., you’ll end up with an infinite number. Each prospect that receives your media Platform will slowly build their own U.S.P. for you in their mind.

It will be something you could have never articulated in quite the same way. Dare I say, it will be the perfect U.S.P. because it will be custom tailored to an audience of one!

But the benefits continue…

Most service providers pay little attention to deliberately building assets. They think the assets in their business are THEMSELVES and what they DO.

But when you shift your focus to the media Platform model of client attraction, you put the spotlight on what is truly the most valuable asset in your business:

Your list of subscribers and clients and your relationship with them.

This gives you control over demand for you. Don’t underestimate the ratio you want. Imagine having 100 or 1,000 prospective clients but only room to accept one of them as a client.

That puts you in the driver’s seat now doesn’t it?

The biggest challenge to building this asset is that being on a mailing list is NOT something the majority of the people out there are going to jump at. What comes to mind when someone asks YOU to be on the “mailing list?”

“No thanks, I’m not interested.” That’s not the response you want.

The Platform takes the function of the mailing list and transforms it into something people actually WANT to receive.

Think about the natural resistance if you go out and try to build your “mailing list.” That’s your goal, but good luck finding anyone else who cares about your goal.

Instead, build a system where your goal gets achieved as a natural byproduct of helping others achieve their goals. That’s how you build things for momentum.

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