If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Where Should You Go?

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 86 Degrees

RE: If you can’t stand the heat, where should you go?

It should be obvious that if you can’t “stand the heat,” milling around in the kitchen probably isn’t the place for you to be.

Same thing with the desert.

Right now in Phoenix, it’s darn hot. It’s been that way all weekend. And when I say hot, what I really mean is HOT.

So to go to the desert in the middle of July and spend all your time complaining about the heat probably isn’t the best use of anyone’s energy.

After all, what would you expect? It’s the desert. In July.

It’s the same thing with clients.

If you work with cheap clients, you’re going to get what cheap clients tend to dish out.

If you get clients who can’t stop talking about how terrible their previous service providers were, guess who’s next on the list!

And if you figure out how to attract great clients, you’re going to get what they tend to offer up.

Take a look at all of your clients. Now zero in on the ones that really annoy you. The ones that you complain about to your colleagues or significant other.

Now ask yourself, “Who’s the one that’s responsible for attracting those clients?”

No one holds a gun to our heads to take these people on. But sometimes we do. So what do you expect to happen when we take on a client we know is less than ideal?

One of the most annoying challenges when you’re working with human beings doesn’t come from the reality of the situation. The problems are usually generated from our expectations of what we think the reality should be.

That’s what creates the frustration.

The good news about this is that you are in control of what your expectations are. So you can change that habit of expecting things to be OTHER than they are.

If you go into a client engagement looking to GET something from it, you might find this extremely helpful to end that habit. That way, you go in needing/wanting nothing… which INCREASES the force of attraction.