Homegrown Authority

The Desert of Arizona
How Hot Can It Get? 94 Degrees – 10:08 a.m.

Where can a guy get some real authority these days?

It seems to be in great demand and in very short supply.

It’s not easy to get authority; to become THE authority. And once you know that, it makes all those guys who are promising instant authority at the click of a button seem pretty darn silly.

You don’t manufacture authority. You are granted it by everyone who ISN’T you.

Well, some groups of people do try to manufacture authority. They just kind of take it as if they are its rightful owners. But the only way that works is if you back up that “authority” with fear and guns.

Take a look around the world. It’s pretty obvious this is how things work.

And that approach does work…for a little while.

Eventually though, enough people get fed up with your childhood games and start ignoring you. At that point, not only do you lose your fake “authority,” you also lose all of your legitimacy. Game over.

So the best advice I can offer to anyone looking to become THE AUTHORITY in their space is to stop trying to do that. It’s a wild goose chase and something that is not in your control.

It’s a little bit like trying to buy your way into growing a beautiful cherry tree overnight.

There’s no easy button. There’s just a recipe and your decision to follow it or not.

When you stop chasing opportunities to get “ready-to-eat” results from someone else, you can start planting the seeds to grow your own.

What do these “seeds” look like?

They come in the form of thoughts, words, and deeds that inspire others to achieve greater things.

Those accomplishments, insights and improvements in others’ lives are the true source of any authority status you receive in return.

You become the authority when you forget about becoming the authority and start doing the right work.