Heart Walking

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 77 Degrees
8:31 a.m.

I’m a bit of an entrepreneurial outcast in that the idea of finding a “hungry market” and making something for them just isn’t fulfilling to me.

I would much rather do what I love to do, and build the systems around THAT to allow those who resonate with what I do to find me.

Either direction will work, you just have to be honest with yourself and actually choose the path YOU want to take.

For many people, that’s a hard decision to make.

Because most people don’t even know who they are, what’s important to them, what values they hold dear, what types of objectives they will pursue at all costs.

Without some basic self-knowledge, you can wander around in the desert forever.

What happens when you set out in the direction of your heart and make up the rest as you go?

A few beautiful things happen:

First, you realize that, despite what everyone else will tell you, that you will not die from making a decision like this.

Second, you take a bold step towards moving from a “follower” flavored path to a “leader” flavored path. Instead of figuring it out (or watching someone else do it), and then moving forward, you move forward and then you figure it out. You are not walking on someone else’s road, you are building your own. The experts might say that’s risky and inefficient. But really, if “efficient” made you happy, everyone would know that already.

Third, setting out in the direction of your heart means you tune into what is really your only true, consistent and stable signal.

The mind can be conditioned. It can be manipulated. It can be molded to believe things that are not so.

The heart just knows. It doesn’t do “B.S.”

But we get to choose if we listen to it. And we get to choose if we follow it.

Big choices those are. Your answers will pretty much dictate the quality of your life.