For Anyone Who Doesn’t Have It All “Figured Out”

The Desert of Arizona
Cloudy 56 Degrees – 8:55 a.m.

I can’t stress to you enough the magic that is created by committing to show-up in the lives of the people you can help. I do it with this message to you each day.

I’m not sure it’s possible to believe what can come of that until you experience it for yourself.

This is probably why I often talk to people who were talking about starting a media platform last month, or even last year and still haven’t gotten around to doing it.

Humans do what they want to do. So if you’re not doing it, that means you haven’t wanted to do it. Simple, obvious and profound all at the same time.

We’ve been trained to feel like we have to have our “ducks in a row” before we set out on a journey.

Not so. In fact, that’s exactly how to never get anywhere. Very effective.

No one has it all together. If you ever find someone, send them over. I’d love to meet someone like that.

But there’s no one I know who has it all together.

If you feel like you’re a mess, congrats!, you’re in good company. And now you can stop seeing that as an excuse to not yet be helping people.

Pick a group of people to help.

Create a publication that can help them.

Commit to getting it to them on a regular basis.

The rest you can figure out after that.

But you really won’t have to figure it out. Your activity will bring the answers about what to do next right to you.