Making the First Sale

Closing the First Sale

How to Sell Yourself on YOU

We were trained to look “out there” for validation that who we are and what we have is valuable.

When your goal is worldwide domination and control, this is a smart way to train the slaves.

When you’re trying to live a life of freedom, however, this training is a recipe for disaster.

And when you take responsibility for generating your own livelihood, and go out and try to sell what you have, it’s a direct route to constant struggle and limited realization of your potential.

Are You Sold On You?

Sell yourself first, if you want to sell anything.
— Burt Lancaster

There are countless books, courses and experts focused on helping you “sell” what you have to the world.

There aren’t as many resources available for closing the “sale” that is far more important than all others put together: the sale you make to YOURSELF about YOURSELF.

Are you valuable?

Just how valuable are you?

Are you the one that supplies the answer or is the answer something the world gives you that you have to live with?

More Than “Mindset” or “Positive Thinking”

My experience has shown me that closing this first sale to YOURSELF about who you are, what you do and the value you bring to the world requires a LOT more than just “positive thinking.”

If you could think yourself there, I imagine everyone would be doing it.

But look around, you’ll see clues everywhere that this “first sale” of yourself to yourself is something many business owners never successfully closed:

  • You’ll see extremely talented experts struggling to get attention or successfully make exchanges with the world that are truly equitable.
  • You’ll find plenty of “could be leaders” waiting to be anointed by some outside source before standing up to lead.
  • You’ll find tons of service providers drastically undercharging for their services so they end up over worked and constantly piling more work on their shoulders. They are sinking with each sale and forced to “make it up on volume,” a death spiral if there ever was one.
  • You’ll find experts who, despite being hired to LEAD their clients to great things, end up acting like a dog BEING LED around on a leash trying to please the master.
  • You’ll find countless service providers applying downward pressure on their own fees in an attempt to get SOMEONE to say, “Yes.” Cheaper and cheaper and cheaper they go until they begin to resent the very people who retain their services.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some of these issues. Perhaps you’re even dealing with some of them right now.

The real issue is that it’s very challenging to close this sale to yourself BY YOURSELF.

“Just build your confidence… just go to some “mindset” events… just believe in yourself…”

This is all far easier said than done when the METHOD suggested still leaves you stuck in your own head.

How Do You Get Beyond Your Own Walls?

Your “training” was designed to skew your vision of YOU. Until you discover a way to move beyond that manipulated image of you, it’s hard to rewire the program.

It seems to be far easier when you get to see a “reflection” of your true value by watching others respond to it.

You’re not looking to get validation here, you’re not looking to get ANYTHING really. You’re just LOOKING…

And you’re leveraging that outside view of you in order to see yourself in a more objective way.

When you get to see the truth, looking from the outside in, don’t be surprised if you say, “Holy crap, I’m amazing!”

In business, it’s important to develop empathy and a deep understanding of your prospects and clients.

Not many people suggest you turn that empathic ability on your own self in order to “close that sale” to yourself and, once and for all, realize just what a gift you are to the world.

This is how you transform yourself without anything “out there” actually needing to happen.

Once that shift begins, everything “out there” is going to transform on its own in response to YOU.

So that’s the purpose of this class. To help you see what others see. And by showing you THAT, to create the proof required for you to DROP the story that you should not be enjoying abundance in all areas of your life.

More importantly, this will give you a resource to come back to, time and time again, anytime you need to remind yourself about yourself.

We talk about some deep stuff and then, once that foundation is set, we’ll move to the practical application of those deeper truths.

Enrollment is $97.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you do the work and don’t feel that your experience in the “Making the First Sale” webinar gives you the information, clarity and direction you need, you get a full refund.