Doing the Work

Mountains of Arizona
Clear 51 Degrees
5:43 a.m.

You can be really successful in business if you go out in the world selling some amazing gizmo that provides a real shortcut for people to get something they want.

Maybe it’s a gizmo to generate leads. Maybe it’s a gizmo to “close the sale.” Maybe it’s a gizmo that makes the phone ring off the hook.

Fortunately, I’ve never made anything like that.

All of the work I do with people just involves work. Hard thinking, some brutal honesty, trial and error, and some patience.

I create processes and systems that make complicated things simple. But those are only containers that are then fully filled in with… WORK.

Work, work, work.

As you might imagine, this does not attract the crowds. I’m never going to be on TV or in some famous glossy business magazine.

But I’m not here for crowds. I don’t appeal to the masses.

I’m only here for those who want to get on the road to creating a better world by first mastering themselves.

It’s actually quite freeing when you just accept what you’re here to do. It takes a lot of confusion out of your life.

Have you figured out what you’re here for? It’s worth the digging that it sometimes requires to get an answer. It’s not always a “forever and ever” answer. Sometimes it’s a “just for right now” type of answer.

But there aren’t really shortcuts to the mastery of self.

And there aren’t shortcuts to leveraging that discovery in a way that increases your capacity to effect change.

There aren’t really any “fast lanes” to become a better version of yourself and to increase your power to help others.

I’m not sure people understand the price you pay for the quick hack or the silver bullet.

The price you pay is that your capacity does not increase.

The price you pay is that you actually become even MORE dependent on what is outside of you rather than less.

I imagine it might make someone nervous to achieve success knowing you don’t really understand how you did it or how you might do it again.

But that’s what can happen when you get the result at the expense of growing your own capacity.

Now we’ve been trained that “results” are all that matter. But that’s a load of B.S. made up by insecure people to feel better about themselves. To feel like they are in control of something when, deep down, they know they’re not.

Results are fleeting. They come, they go. What’s left after that?

You are. What’s left is your capacity to create again. So that’s the thing that’s worth working on.

The results are a byproduct, not a goal.

Money is a byproduct, not a goal.

Do you see a pattern here?