Clients That Grow On Trees

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 92 Degrees

It’s gettin’ a little steamy in the desert! We went from cool and nice to summer overnight. They say it’s a “dry heat,” but so is sticking your head in the oven. It’s actually pretty similar.

Today let’s talk about something you might not think is possible. They say that money doesn’t grow on trees. While that may be true, I’m going to argue that clients DO grow on trees.

In fact, the longer I go, the only clients I want are the ones that actually do grow on trees. I want the ones that grew on trees I planted myself.

These clients are far better, in my opinion, than even referrals. Way better.

But to have clients growing on trees, you have to get out of the client hunting business and commit to the client growing business.

These are two entirely different approaches with different time horizons.

But if you are looking for a smooth journey, growing clients is the way to go.

You need a fertile field, you need good seeds and you need a way to harvest the fruit when it’s ready.

It’s kind of funny with this whole farming analogy because I have the worst green thumb ever. OK, my wife’s green thumb is worse as she would readily admit.

This is really simple:

The Platform is your field.

The leads are your seeds.

Your decision points, your products and your services harvest the fruit.

It’s straightforward, it’s predictable and it’s actually quite enjoyable.

But it all depends on you making a decision.

You have to commit to being a farmer and not a hunter.

It’s a completely different mindset.

I don’t mind hunting when I want to, but I wouldn’t enjoy doing it just to stay alive. Too much stress, too much pressure.

It’s far simpler to build your farm, plant your seeds and harvest the fruit. Half the time, you just get to sit on the porch and watch everything grow.