Batting Homeruns from the Couch

Ever have one of those days where the money’s running dry and the prospects and clients just aren’t calling?

Don’t worry, the world’s not conspiring against you. Days like that are simply a product. A product of the days and weeks that have come before them.

When “the well runs dry,” it’s a reminder that you aren’t doing the necessary activities to have clients come to you.

If you’re sitting there waiting for clients to call, stop it and start doing something productive. (I have to admit, it is much easier to just sit around and wonder why nothing is happening.)

Waiting for clients to just show up is kind of like trying to bat a homerun while you’re at home, sitting on your couch.

It just doesn’t work.

The best time to start generating leads and clients is 16 weeks ago. The second best time is now.

How many chances have you given yourself out there on the playing field today that could lead to a new client down the road?

Have you done any of these activities that might lead to prospects or clients showing up? If not, why not? How many can you do each and every day to prime the pump?

Here’s just a quick list to get you started:

  • Submit a press release about something important you are doing that would attract the interest of clients.
  • Write a book that will solve a problem for potential clients.
  • Write a newsletter that will solve a problem for potential clients.
  • Interview experts or be interviewed by them.
  • Volunteer in a position that has a lot of exposure in your target market.
  • Build a list of prospects using paid advertisements online.
  • Write info-rich blog posts.
  • Create a short but valuable report to send to prospects or to post on your website.

The point isn’t to find the perfect “thing” to do, the point is to get better at doing things.